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The NI PXI-4130 has been added to the system configuration as a starting point.
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The following list of items were rejected:

  • (1) - 779499-01
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NI PXI-4130
Quantity Name   Current Sensitivity Maximum Voltage Maximum Current Price Per Unit Compare
NI PXIe-4139 100 fA 60V 10A .$ 4,499
NI Recommended  
PXIe-4145 15 pA 6V 500mA .$ 9,888
NI PXIe-4143 10 pA 24V 150mA .$ 9,888
PXIe-4141 10 pA 10V 100mA .$ 8,003
NI PXIe-4138 1 pA 60V 3A .$ 3,799
PXIe-4144 150 pA 6V 500mA .$ 6,592
NI PXIe-4142 100 pA 24V 150mA .$ 6,592
NI PXIe-4140 100 pA 10V 100mA .$ 5,011
NI PXI-4132 10 pA 100 V 100 mA .$ 3,863
NI PXI-4130 1 nA 20 V 2 A .$ 2,910
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Added 1 NI PXI-4130(s) to your configuration.
NI PXI-4130 with APS-4100 1 nA 20 V 2 A .$ 3,080


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